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In chess, the Endgame is the third and final phase of the game. At this point, most of the pieces have been cleared from the board. The outcome of the game draws closer with every move. Each king begins his final march, hoping that the victory will be his. The only question that's left is which king will emerge victorious? Which king will win in the Endgame?

In Luke 19, we read the story of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem. This is the event that kicks off the final week of His life. More than that, it's the event that sets His Endgame into motion. Over the course of the next week, most of the pieces will be cleared from the board. The end of His life will draw nearer with every passing step. By Friday, the King will be dead. But, what no one could have expected was that the King had one final move to make.

March 26: The Final Arrival (Luke 19:28-48)
April 2: The Final Meal (Luke 22:7-39,54-65)
April 9: The Final Death (Luke 23:26-56)
April 16: The Final Move (Luke 24:1-34)