Where Kids Find and Follow Jesus

Kids Connect, our Children’s Ministry, is Where Kids Find and Follow Jesus. We want kids to gain an understanding of who God is, how much Jesus loves them, and that the Holy Spirit will guide them through life.
— Lyssa Castor, Director of Children's Ministries

What to Expect at KidsConnect

When should I arrive?

Consider arriving 15 minutes before the hour you are attending.  This will give you plenty of time to check your children in.

Where do I go when I arrive?

Parents are directed toward the Children's Check-in area at the main Welcome Center where a friendly volunteer will greet you and help you check in for the first time.

What should my kids wear?

School clothes are what most kids wear. Some kids like to dress up a little, but most of the kids will be in casual clothes.

Does my child need to bring anything?

No, unless they would like to. If you have a child in the nursery, bring your diaper bag with whatever you need for him or her to have while you're in adult service. If your child has a Bible, we encourage them to bring that. They do not need to participate in the offering unless they would like to do so.

Can I take my kids to church with me?

Of course! However, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our nursery and children's programs.  It is the best opportunity for your kids to learn on their age level.

Where do I take my kids?

Our classrooms are clearly marked once you arrive and volunteers are in place to help. Classrooms are as follows:

  • Nursery (Room 127) Birth - Starting to Walk  
  • Toddlers & 2s (Room 130) Walking Steadily - 2 years
  • Preschool (Room 128) 3-5 years
  • Elementary (Room 120) K-5th grade

Will my child be safe?

Your child will be kept with their group the entire morning. Your child will be given a security name-tag to wear. You will receive a parent receipt with a number matching your child's number. When you come to pick up your child after church, you will show the parent receipt to your child's teacher. KidConnect is a safe environment where families can feel good about the time they spend apart. 

Are your volunteers screened?

Yes! For the safety of our kids, all volunteers who serve in the Children's Ministry are required to complete a Volunteer Application/Screening. These screenings are evaluated by the State of Kentucky and reviewed by an elder overseer at the church.

What if my child has food allergies?

All food allergies are denoted on the security check-in tag. Also, most items served by the church are peanut free.