We live in a world in desperate need of servants.

From the time we’re young, selfishness comes naturally to us. We want to do what we want to do. We want to live the way we want to live. We want to act the way we want to act. Even when the Bible confronts us with our own selfishness, it’s difficult for us to shake those old habits. It’s hard to be a servant in a world that tells you to be selfish.

Throughout the course of the Gospels, Jesus made His purpose abundantly clear. He didn’t come to this earth for selfish reasons. He came to serve. He came to give His life. Everything Jesus did was motivated by His desire to serve. Those who want to be better servants have no better example than Him. In our new sermon series, “Building a Better Servant,” we’re going to spend four weeks looking at Jesus’ life to see what made Him such a great servant. As we walk through the events of Jesus’ life together, we’ll see what a servant thinks, how a servant feels, what a servant does, and where a servant goes. In so doing, we’ll discover how we need to transform our minds, our hearts, and our actions to become more like Him.

We live in a world in desperate need of servants. Now's the time for us to answer the call.

Saturday, October 14: The Mind of a Servant (IronMan Weekend)
Sunday, October 22: The Heart of a Servant
Sunday, October 29: The Hands of a Servant (Guest Speaker: Jeff Dye)
Sunday, November 5: The Feet of a Servant