In August 2018, our Senior Minister Brandon Braun was diagnosed with a form of Leukemia. He began treatment shortly thereafter. We want to support the Braun family with prayer, as well as financially, during this difficult time. Please consider contributing financially or helping provide meals for the Braun family while Brandon undergoes treatment.



From Brandon’s wife, Beth (January 14, 2019):
I ask that you all join me in prayer on Tuesday January 15 at 3:30pm for Brandon’s bone marrow transplant. Set an alarm, grab some buddies, and please pray with us that his transplant will be successful, that his body will welcome his brother’s cells, that his cancer will be gone, and that his healing will be quick. Please pray for his doctors and nurses, and all the wonderful people at University of Kentucky Hospital who are helping him. Please pray for Brandon’s state of mind, that he will be at peace. Please pray for our ministry opportunity as we are being introduced to all kinds of people who may not know Jesus, who might come to know Him through this experience. Thank you friends for joining with us in prayer.