Meeting women where they are and helping take them where God wants them to be through service, study, and community.

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Winter Bible Study
Beginning January 2019

Tuesdays | 9:30 – 11:30am (Group Leader: Jana Covell)
Thursdays | 7:00 – 9:00pm (Group Leader: Amanda Fillebrown)

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Serve with RVCC Women's Ministry

Bible Study Facilitators, Encouragers & Administrators
See Susan Carey if you are interested in serving in RVCC Women's Bible study. Email her at Susan.Carey@nortonhealthcare dot org. 

Bake Sales
Sign up at the Women's Ministry Window to bake for our sales, which raise funds to help support our programs and missions.

Necole's Place G.E.D. Lunch Program
Every Thursday from September to May, we provide lunch for the ladies in the Necole's Place G.E.D. program. We cook for 20-25 girls, and typically deliver the lunch between 11:00 and 11:45am.

This ministry is a great opportunity to share our talents and resources with young women who are striving to improve their lives. If you are willing to help, please visit the Women's Ministry window or contact Linda Ernst.

Baby Bottle Campaign
Each year, we distribute empty baby bottles at church, which are returned to us filled with coins and donations to give to Necole's Place to support their efforts to equip women and their children to live godly and productive lives by sharing God's Word, encouraging Christian life choices, teaching practical living skills and providing spiritual and emotional support.

RVCC Women's Ministry Leadership


2018 Steering Team

Beth Braun - Events
Linda Ernst - Administration, Advertising/Communication, Necole's Place, Bake Sales, Secret Angels
Cindee Laughlin - Events
Vickie Schuler - Administration, Retreat, Finance, Cards
Sue Stilger - Prayer & Care, Hospitality
Tracey Roach - Bible Study Assistant