December 2, 2018
Dave Stone, Senior Minister of Southeast Christian Church, announced the plans to make River Valley the seventh Southeast Campus in 2019. Hear the announcement and his full sermon here.

November 25, 2018
To The Church Family of River Valley Christian Church:

The Southeast Christian leadership, staff, and church family are both humbled and honored to unite in ministry with River Valley Christian Church! We’re committed to continuing to build upon your heritage and mission of sharing the hope and love of Jesus. We’re grateful that we’re like-minded with similar missions, unified under the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Eph. 4:13). This is a unique opportunity for the bride of Christ to be healthy, collaborative, and effective. May we always be bonded in prayer and stand together as one through the grace of Jesus Christ!

November 18, 2018
From Terry A. Roach, Chairman of the Elders of River Valley Christian Church:

20+ years ago a visionary group of men and women planted a church in the Goshen/Prospect area with this purpose as stated in the Bylaws, I quote; “The purpose of the church shall be to carry out the program of Christ as expressed in the New Testament i.e. the winning of souls to Christ and the edification of the saints.”

Today the Elders, Deacons, former Elders and founders stand before you today to talk about the next chapter of River Valley Christian Church.  Article 11, Section 2 of the Bylaws gives me, as the Chairman of the Elders, the opportunity to call a special meeting of the congregation. Therefore I am calling a special meeting to be held on Sunday, November 25th after church to merge/combine the congregation of River Valley with the congregation of Southeast Christian Church. 

I will give you some background on this decision. 
God’s plan (with a small “p”) that included:
-  providing our daily bread for many months 
- by having an excellent preacher, Jeff Dye, begin attending our church so he could preach when Brandon Braun couldn’t 
- by having the congregation step in so many ways to serve
- having some people give big checks when we needed them

Our plan:
- the first priority was to care of Brandon, Beth and the kids
- next was maintain our staff because they have worked so hard keeping things together 
- keep the church doors open
- the options were to maintain status quo, sell the church and move the church to a smaller building or merge with a larger church. 

God’s plan (again):
- we went to Southeast to see how they could help
- we found out that Southeast had been praying for how they could impact the Goshen/Prospect area
- they considered our coming to them as an answered prayer
- should we consider it also as an answer to our prayers?
- we weren’t 100% convinced and tried to close the door by:
* explaining that Brandon had cancer - SECC answered that they would put Brandon on staff and their insurance and treat him as one of their own.
*saying that we have this great staff that’s worked really hard in trying times- SECC answer, we will put them on staff or provide them with a buyout plan.
* our mission partners are important to us - SECC answer, we have a large mission budget.
* we have this great building and piece of property- SECC said we will take over or payoff the loan
* the name River Valley Christian has a special meaning to us - SECC said we can call the new place Southeast Christian Church-River Valley.

God’s Plan (with a capital “P”)
God’s wants a strong vibrant church that will - as our original Bylaws expressed - carry out the program of Christ as expressed in the New Testament (i.e. the winning of souls to Christ and the edification of the saints). It’s about being a bright light on this hill where we have been flickering. It’s not about RVCC, it’s not about Brandon, it’s not about the staff and it’s not about our family culture.
It’s about God and his plan for the Goshen/Prospect area!